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24 septembre 2015 4 24 /09 /septembre /2015 16:04

Mr. Moshe Kakhlon, Minister of Finance. Copy for Information Mr. Benyamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister.

Mr Minister, you were at the initiative of the deregulation of mobile telecommunications in Israel. Your action allowed two new operators to integrate the market with innovative solutions at competitive prices. Other operators had to follow price decrease movement for the benefit of consumers, which I am.

Today, Golan Telecom risks to disappear of the Israeli landscape because as Free Telecom in France, which relies on the Orange network, Golan does not own its network. It relies on the Cellcom network. The license, that it was granted specifies that Golan must develop its own network by the end of 2015, which will not be done, and the Ministry of Telecommunications is uncompromising.

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Consumer protection, that we are, goes through the defense by Golan. I propose to set up a Golan consumer committee so that the Israeli Telecommunication Department revises its copy, Golan federates 850,000 subscribers, if we group all of us, we weight enough to have the Administration change this system.

If Golan is taken over by one of its competitors, prices will start rising again, they were at 50 agorot per minute, and services will be reduced.

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